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We have a big building with plenty of parking for large groups. We also offer special group rates for groups of 30 or more. The special group rate is $5 off per person. If you have a group of 30 or more and qualify for this special rate, give us a call and we will book your games for you.

The party space costs $35 per 90 minutes and $25 per hour. Those times include setting up at the start (15 minutes) and cleaning up at the end (15 minutes). You can cater, deliver pizza, open presents, or have a group meeting using our 60″ TVs. We do not allow decorations to be stuck to or taped on the walls. Give us a call and we will book the party space over the phone for you.

For Birthday parties, the birthday person gets to play one game for free within one week of their birth date (limit of 1 free birthday per game). The one week birthday window is seven days before or after the birthday. While booking, leave the birthday person out of the total player count, and we will check the proof at the front desk upon arrival. Or you can call us and we can book it for you. Just bring in some form of ID to prove it’s your birthday! The rest of the group is standard pricing.

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